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Why is my phone overheating?

22nd July 2016

Tuesday (19th) was the hottest day of the year to date and I’m sure we’re all hoping for more of the same in what has otherwise been a summer to forget in terms of weather.  However, as the temperature warms up, you’ll notice your phone may be struggling to take the heat. Indeed, your phone’s temperature does change based on the temperature of its environment and various other factors.  It is also important to remember that yes your phone is electronic and will be naturally warm, but it shouldn’t get hot.  So, to keep your phone safe, we’ve brought together a list of the most common reasons your phone might be overheating and our tips for combating them.

Direct sunlight – This goes without saying, if you are out in the sun, keep your phone away from direct sunlight.  If your phone catches heat from the sun, it will retain it; protecting your phone from the sun is a really simple way of preventing it overheating.

Too many apps running – By exiting an app, you are not closing it down, the app simply runs in the background for easy launch next time you need to use it.  The more apps you run in the background, the more strain it puts on your phone and the hotter it gets.  To close them, first swipe them away and then check your app manager to be extra safe.

Too many commands at once – If you feel your phone is slow and unresponsive, do not command it to do even more or there is a real chance it will overheat.

Heavy streaming or gaming – You have to remember, heavy streaming and gaming on your smartphone is a real battery drainer and is likely to increase your phone’s temperature.

Take your cover off now and again – If the problem persists, it may be that your phone cover is trapping in the heat.  Likewise, if your phone is always in your pocket or next to other gadgets, let it breathe for a moment and it should cool down somewhat.


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