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What should I do if I lose my phone?

29th July 2016

Our smartphones are so valuable that losing or even just misplacing them can cause us a real headache.  Whether it’s lost or stolen, there are steps you can take to recover both the data stored on it and the phone itself.  We’ll start with some precautions.

Security – It’s vital you have a PIN code, fingerprint lock or any other kind of security set up on your smartphone’s lock screen.  That way, if someone does pick your phone up with ill intentions, accessing it won’t be easy; they’re not unbreakable but they’re your first line of defence.

Make sure you back it up – A few weeks ago we told you about the importance of backing up your phone’s valuable data such as photos and videos.  This way, if you lose your phone for good, you can at least recover more or less everything that was stored on it.  Check out our blog from July and see how to back up your phone – Important: How To Back Up Your Phone

Find my iPhone and Android Device Manager – Two important services you really should be making use of; if your phone is stolen or lost, these apps provide a lifeline.  These apps, which you can log in to via other devices or the web, will track your mobile and tell you where it is.  They also allow you to lock or erase your device remotely, disabling access to your apps and any mobile payment methods you’ve set up.  If you think your phone has been stolen, then we strongly advise against tracking it down and confronting the assailant, let the police deal with it.

Notify your carrier or partner – If the worst does happen, of course one of your first port of calls should be your carrier or mobile partner such as 8020.  They’ll be able to block the device and make sure no one’s racking up ridiculous charges on it.

Losing your phone is a pain, but by taking the right precautions, you can  minimise any damage.

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