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Warning: Emojis could be costing you £££s

16th March 2016

A large number of us won’t send a single text without an emoji. But, did you know that adding your favourite emojis to standard SMS text messages could be costing you as much as 30p a text. Some phone models send texts that include emojis as MMS (picture messages), not generally included in standard tariffs and charged seperately. It’s very much down to your phone, the messaging platform you’re using and the phone you’re sending to.

Our experience tells us this can happen when:

  • You’re using an Apple phone and sending to an Android phone or vice versa
  • Your message includes a non-standard smiley or symbol such as an emoticon or emoji; Android and Apple phones use different emoji sets
  • Your message is sent to an email address instead of a phone number
  • You’re sending a group text message
  • Your text exceeds the character limit; different for different phones
  • Your message has a subject line

Your phone should warn you when an SMS has been converted to an MMS; the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge appears with the warning ‘Converting to Multimedia Message’ and the character limit changes to 1kb. You also have a number of alternatives such as Facebook chat, WhatsApp and iMessage which all allow group messaging and operate via your inclusive data or Wifi.

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