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Are Remote Jobs The Future Of Working?

29th May 2019

These days, mobile working is more than making a few calls and replying to a couple of emails. People can run entire businesses from a mobile device, making notes, accessing business apps, working on spreadsheets and creating and sending invoices.

The arrival of the computer changed the way we worked and today connectivity and digital tools are changing where we work. Travelling to offices has been replaced by phone and video conferencing. Remote workers, like engineers and police officers, now use tablets and mobile devices to access systems on the move. There’s no need to return to the office to complete forms, keeping people where they’re needed most.

Delivering on these aspirations would once have been a potential headache for an IT department. However, it’s now possible to deliver seamless, flexible and mobile working across multiple devices, securely, reliably and efficiently through solutions such as Office 365 and Mobile Device Management.

The Digital Deficit

Despite some embrace, we are still not fulfilling our potential as a digital nation. Although still one of the six best performers within Europe, the UK’s rate of growth in the use of digital is falling behind others. People are living lives that are more complicated, less rewarding and less productive by not embracing what digital technology allows.

Digital doesn’t just concern ‘digital technology’ businesses. All sectors can benefit from increased digital capabilities from increasing their online presence to processing data to deliver services faster and smarter than before and doing all these things from practically anywhere with an internet connection.

The Benefits Of Remote Working

Sitting under bright lights in a bustling office all day is the number one way to ramp up stress levels. Thanks to advancements in digital technology allowing us to work smarter, the benefits of working remotely speak for themselves.

  • A better work/life balance

Working from home is one of the best ways to restore a bit of balance between how much you work and how much time you spend enjoying life. Many of us work long hours, coupled with commuting, leaving not much time outwith our working day for ourselves and what’s important to us like family, friends, hobbies or exercise. Being able to work remotely provides a better blend between our work-life and home-life which can only be a good thing.

  • Cutting costs

Working remotely doesn’t only save your employer money on utility bills, it can also save you money by cutting out costs such as commuting. Whether you catch the bus, train, tube, or drive to work, you’ll know just how costly it can be. By eliminating the need to commute you could save a fair amount of money and also be removing an often stressful part of the day.

  • Boosting productivity

It really depends on the home environment you have to work in, but working out-with a conventional office environment can boost productivity for many.

Studies conclude that remote employees are notably less stressed and have higher morale than their in-office counterparts. Think about it. You get to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, sit (or slouch) in a way that makes you feel creative, and play the music that inspires you. Hit a writer’s block? Take a walk to clear your head.

Happier, healthier employees are proven to produce better work and feel more committed to their companies. From this perspective, installing digital workplace solution to provide remote working opportunities is just good business.

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