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Premium Rate Text Charges

29th November 2018

When was the last time you checked your business mobile phone bill? If you have answered “never”, you probably fall into the same category as most. 8020 regularly see premium rate text charges coming through on clients bills which require further investigation.

What is a premium rate text charge?

Premium rate text charges are where the customer is charged to receive a text on their mobile. They are quite often associated with subscription charges such as games, news and weather updates and they are becoming increasingly common.

Why does it matter?

Quite often the end user is oblivious to these charges and over the course of a contract they can amount to substantial charges that could be avoided. In a real life example, the 8020 customer service team recently dealt with a customer that had a number of premium rate text charges on their account. After looking in to it, a number of these charges were in connection with a short code 30090009. This belongs to a company called “Tap2Bill” who facilitate 3rd party subscription charges. Tap2Bill aren’t actually responsible for the charges they just facilitate them.

When investigating this type of charge, the 8020 client services team use the Phone-paid Service Authority (PSA) website who are the UK regulator for content, goods and services charged to a phone bill. This website allows consumers to enter a short-code that’s appeared on a bill and it will provide the origin of the charge.

In this instance, Tap2Bill were the facilitators of the charges and 8020 were able to contact them for more information. Tap2Bill are able to cancel the subscription, however, they are not able to handle refund requests. The client services team managed to cancel the subscription and also provided contact information to the client for how to apply for a refund.

Examples of Subscriptions

Some of the subscriptions cancelled by the customer services team included:

  • Remote Games
  • Viva La Voucher
  • Insta-game

These are quite often linked to competition entries, in-game adverts or in-app purchases.

8020 regularly investigate client bills to ensure they are getting the best from their business mobile contract. Are you a small business but still using a personal mobile? Take a look at our business vs personal mobile guide to see how you could benefit from a switch.



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