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O2 to become first UK network to have net zero carbon emissions

3rd March 2020

O2 have today announced plans to cut carbon emissions from its entire business and network by 2025.

This plan aims to give consumers and businesses a mobile network where calls, texts & data are powered by cleaner, greener energy.

Additionally, O2, currently rated the UK’s Best Network, also plans to work with their supply chain partners to reduce emissions by 30% within the next 5 years. With plans to initiate ambitious carbon reduction targets to achieve these results.

The Road to Zero

O2 are already helping to reduce the UK’s energy consumption, supplying the UK Smart Metering programme, to help reduce household energy consumption by 25% by 2035.

Contributing to O2’s already strong environmental track record as the first mobile network in the world to achieve both the Carbon Trust Standard for carbon, waste and water, as well as the Carbon Trust supply chain standard.

They will also focus their efforts on a wider scale, including working with partners, to replicate their success of saving 20,000 tonnes of carbon over the past 8 years, through flexible working strategies.

All these things combined mean O2 represents the fastest and furthest reaching carbon reduction program by a UK mobile network operator.

Mark Evans, O2 CEO, said: “Today, we’re putting a stake in the ground. We want to go further and faster, setting the bar in our industry to tackle climate change and build the greenest network for our customers. Every office, every store, every mast. We will get the changes done to be a Net Zero Business by 2025.

“Mobile can play a pivotal role to make our country more sustainable. From smart metering to smarter working. O2 will work with suppliers, partners and customers to ensure that this industry plays its part in delivering a greener country for us all.”

O2’s progress will be reported annually and will be independently assessed and audited by companies Aenor and ERM.

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