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Mobile Roaming That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

25th July 2019

Good news! The days of returning home from a trip abroad to an eye-watering mobile phone bill are long gone. Nowadays, if you’re travelling within Europe, your minutes, data and texts will work just like they do at home. So, whether you’re on a pay monthly, pay as you go, consumer or business plan, you can take your UK tariff with you on your travels. 

Similarly, when travelling outwith Europe, most networks now have services you can add to your tariff for a fixed price, allowing you control on your spend even when usage is chargeable.

Rest of World Travel

Although travel within Europe is free, roaming in ‘rest of world’ destinations is chargeable. We’ve gathered some useful examples of roaming packages from the main network providers to give you an idea of the types of charges you can expect. 

Please bear in mind that depending on where you’re going and what network/tariff you’re on, the options can vary. Therefore, prior to any trip, we recommend that you check with your network provider to find out exactly what options are available to you. 

O2 Consumer

With selected consumer tariffs, the O2 Travel Pass will provide you with 120 minutes, 120 texts and all the data you need when roaming in O2’s rest of world travel destinations for £4.99 per day.

O2 Business Rest of the World Passes

If you’re travelling outside Europe, O2’s Rest of World Passes are designed to give business users worry-free roaming In 97 destinations. 

Here are the key features of the O2 Rest of the World Passes. (Allowances vary between zones.)

24 Hour Pass – £9.00 per day

  • Designed for brief trips abroad outside Europe
  • The Pass is valid for 24 hours from when you start using it
  • Can be capped at 1 or 2 passes per 24 hours or set to unlimited
  • Up to 500MB data, 300 minutes of calls, 300 texts

30 Day Pass – £118.80 per 30 days

  • Valid for a 30 day period, ideal for multiple trips across multiple countries
  • Can be capped at one pass per bill cycle or set to unlimited.
  • Up to 5GB data, 3,000 minutes of calls, 3,000 texts

Vodafone Roam Further

In one of Vodafone’s 104 Roam-further destinations, you’ll be charged £7.20 a day to use your UK allowance of data, minutes and texts.

  • It’s always free to receive standard rate calls and texts
  • You can use your UK allowance to call or text standard landlines and mobiles within the destination you’re travelling to, as well as the UK
  • If you go over your inclusive allowance, you’ll pay the same rates as you would in the UK


Similarly, EE have options like their World Select Talk and Text which gives you unlimited calls and texts in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia and the UAE for £7.20 per day.

Better Off With A Local Sim?

If you are planning on spending an extended period abroad it would be worth calculating what your roaming costs are likely to be and weighing that up against buying a local sim in the destination you will be visiting. 

*charges correct at time of writing 

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