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Keeping Your Data Secure While Travelling

24th July 2019

Keeping Your Data Secure While Travelling

Summer is in full swing and with the UK receiving some fantastic weather, many of us are enjoying a break here at home instead of jetting off to find the sun.

Wherever you plan to holiday this year, be it Britain or abroad, travelling opens up an array of risks when it comes to your mobiles devices that aren’t always present as we go about our usual day to day lives.

Therefore, we have prepared five best practice tips to help you keep the data on your mobile devices secure while travelling.


By backing up the contents of your phone or tablet to either a PC or to the Cloud prior to your trip, this will minimize the inconvenience in the event of you misplacing your device or having it stolen. Creating a backup gives you the peace of mind that even if the worst happens, you will be able to retrieve all your important data, such as contacts and pictures.

Limit Social Media Travel Announcements

It may be tempting to share your holiday destination with the public, but sometimes keeping it to yourself is the safer option. Unfortunately, the hard fact is, criminals operate on social media and are always on the lookout for their next victim. If a hacker sees that you are on your travels, you may be seen as an easy target as you may not notice suspicious activity while you are away. If you do decide to share that you are on holiday on social media, make sure you are happy with the privacy settings of your profiles. For example, are your posts only visible to friends or are they open to the public?

Turn On Find My Phone Settings/Remote Wipe

It is extremely common for smartphones to get lost, stolen or damaged while people are on the move. Having the find my phone setting switched on as well as a remote wiping facility will allow you to erase everything from your device immediately if you discover it is lost.  

Read our handy advice on what to do if you lose your phone here:

Remove Any Sensitive Information In Advance

If you have information or files on your phone that you wouldn’t want anyone to see, for example, a password file in your notes app, it’s best to remove this data off before you leave. By removing this information from your device it means that if someone gets access to it then you have minimised the impact they can have.

By protecting your device with a password, pin, face recognition or fingerprint you will significantly reduce the risk of a criminal being able to access your personal information. Read more on protecting your device here:

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Public WiFi networks are vulnerable to being hacked so are not 100% safe to use unless you access them using a VPN. A VPN masks your internet traffic so that WiFi network administrators can’t see your activity, nor can any hackers who might be monitoring it too. 

As always, you’re better being safe than sorry!

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