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iPhone Xs, Xs Max & Xr

13th September 2018

After months of rumours and leaks, we finally got our first glimpse of Apple’s latest iPhone models last night; the Xs, Xs Max and Xr. We look at the three phones set for release September and October this year and some of their features.

iPhone Xs

The clue’s in the name, the Xs is an upgraded version of the iPhone X and not a brand-new design which was always to be expected. You’ve got the same 5.8in screen and the same notch for housing the front-facing camera and sensors. There’s an impressive new Gold colour option and the most advanced iPhone dual 12-megapixel camera ever, but the real changes are under the bonnet. They’ve added a new chip called the A12. This means a quicker phone with longer battery life. There’s also a 512GB storage option.

iPhone Xs Max

The Xs Max (Plus) is really the same phone but bigger; Apple has enlarged the screen to a massive 6.5in. There is one easy to miss upgrade, in the Xs’ IP rating, up from 67 to 68. IP ratings tell us how water and dust resistant a phone is, with 68 currently the highest. This means both the Xs and Xs Max can withstand water up to two meters (6.6 feet) deep for approximately 30 minutes. The Xs and Xs Max are available from 21 September.

iPhone Xr

The Xr will come a bit later on 26 October and is the cheapest of the three. There’s a range of colours; white, black, blue, coral, red and yellow. It’s a bit like the 5c we were introduced to in 2013, but better.

It uses the same A12 processor as the Xs and Xs Max. It’s big too, the 6.1in screen means the Xr is bigger than the Xs.

All three phones will use the new iOS 12 software.

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