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Ipad Pro Is Here!

19th November 2015

The wait is over; the iPad Pro is finally here. Despite being announced back in September at Apple’s keynote event in San Francisco alongside the iPhone 6s, the wait for the latest iPad has been a little longer. And much anticipated.

The iPad Pro is available in silver, gold and space grey and 32GB and 128GB capacity variations. However, its the device’s screen, among a number of features, that has enthusiasts talking. iPad Pro features the highest-resolution Retina display of any iOS device. As Apple themselves say, the 12.9-inch screen (the largest iPad screen yet) makes editing 4K video, designing presentations and even running a business — easier, faster and more engaging.

What’s New? A Larger Screen Isn’t The Only New Feature

• Split screen multi tasking – iOS9 allows you to split the screen and run 2 Apps at the same time

• It’s fast – 1.8x faster than the iPad Air and faster than 80% of portable PC’s shipped in the last year

• Sturdy, slim and light – strong unibody enclosure just 6.9mm thin, weighs 713g

• 4 Speakers of sound – 3 times the acoustic output of the iPad Air

• Smart Keyboard and Pencil – 4mm thin keyboard with smart connector for 2 way exchange of power and data. Lightning fast responsive pencil does what you expect (optional extras)

So, is the iPad Pro for you? Don’t forget to contact 8020 on 01387 250008 if you’re interested!

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