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iOS 10: Should I upgrade?

19th September 2016

With the release of the iPhone 7 at the end of last week, you may well have missed another new release from Apple; iOS 10. Back in June, we told you all about iOS 10 and the exciting new features it would bring to your iPhones and iPads. Features such as ‘Raise to wake’, an improved Apple maps and a revamped Apple music. However, in Apple’s ‘Biggest release of iOS ever’, there have been a few minor issues including installation problems. So, we’ll weigh up the pros and cons up of upgrading to iOS 10 right now.

Recap: What’s new

Express yourself in a whole new way using Messages. Send a message in your own handwriting, change the way your message bubbles look and say it the way you want to say it, swap out words for emojis by simply tapping the screen or add a personal touch and draw over your videos.

Siri is now open to your favourite 3rd party apps. Supported apps already include WeChat, and WhatsApp for communication, as well as Uber, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and Skype (among others) for VoIP calls.

Apple maps will become far more interactive. Just like Siri, the new proactive Maps app will make suggestions for where you’re likely to go and the fastest way to get there.

The new Photos app lets you rediscover cherished memories from your favourite holiday or a great birthday meal. You can even make a movie out of them, similar to HTC’s Zoe feature.

The new “Raise to wake” feature means, as the name suggests, simply picking your iPhone up will wake it.

The Problem

As is common with a major iOS release, there have been reports of issues with iOS 10 affecting devices. Indeed, iOS 10 had a controversial start to life after an upgrade problem saw a number of iPhones and iPads fail the installation, though Apple has now confirmed a fix has been implemented. There have also been a selection of isolated incidents including battery drain, device overheating and device running slower than before but none have been shown to affect a wide number of users.

The Verdict

It’s highly likely downloading iOS 10 will do nothing but bring some really cool new features to your iPhone or iPad.

For the cautious Apple users out there worried about potential drain or any other isolated issue, there is still no harm in waiting a few days to see if any further issues transpire. Apple tends to release a patch soon after any major release, so don’t be surprised to see iOS 10.1 in the very near future.

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