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Important: How to back up your phone

7th July 2016

Some of your most important, valuable data, is stored on your phone or tablet. Imagine then, you drop your iPhone in the toilet or leave your iPad on the train; if you haven’t backed your data up, it will vanish with your device. And it’s not just photos and videos, this also includes your contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and documents. Fortunately, backing your data up is simple. We’ll start with Apple.


iCloud automatically backs up your iOS device information daily over Wi-Fi when your device is turned on, locked, and connected to a power source. To be extra safe, you can back up your device using both iCloud and iTunes.


Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network

1. Tap Settings, then scroll down and tap iCloud

2. Scroll down, tap Backup, and make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on

3. Tap Back Up Now. Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes

4. Make sure that the backup finished: Tap Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, then select your device. The backup should appear in the details with the time and backup size


In addition to automatic iCloud backups, we strongly recommend you periodically complete an iTunes backup on your computer or laptop. This is really easy to do.

1. Plug your iOS device in to any Mac or Windows PC with iTunes installed

2. Open iTunes if it does not open automatically

3. On the “Summary” page, select the “Back Up Now” button to manually start a backup


To begin, open your Settings menu, then choose Backup & reset. Ensure the option to ‘Back up my data’ is enabled. This takes care of your app data, Chrome bookmarks, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings. To ensure your phone is fully backed up, Android uses Google in a similar way to Apple’s iCloud.  On your device hit Settings > Backup & reset > and select or create a Google account.

Regardless of what brand or model of device you’re using, it is vitally important that you save your data to other locations. Phones get lost or stolen all the time, and, more often than not, the data is lost with them. Having a backup is a great way to ensure that even if the physical device gets lost, your valuable data will still be available elsewhere. And if we haven’t covered your device, contact us here at 8020, we’ll get the answer you’re looking for.


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