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How to make the most of lockdown

9th April 2020

So, we’re all being lovely responsible people and protecting those at risk by staying within our homes. That’s fantastic for the general population, but as we all know human beings are curious, complicated and sociable creatures. Many of us need purpose, entertainment and connection to feel content. With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of your time in lockdown! 


Are you new to the world of meditation? Want to bring some peace to your whirring mind? Well, let us introduce you to Alan Watts, who will teach you everything you need to know in a whimsical, lovely way.

He also has a huge number of recordings of his light-hearted philosophical lectures available on Youtube, which have helped many to focus and feel peaceful during difficult times.


It’s not something we all like to admit to ourselves, or may even be aware of, but exercising is a huge contributing factor to your happiness and mental well being. Of course, exercise is important for keeping you in shape and physically healthy, but it is worth so much more than that. Many of us can feel a bit down when trapped inside – particularly when it’s cloudy outside. Exercising once a day will release endorphins into your system, reducing feelings of anxiety and elevating your mood.

Use home workout videos

Create a space in your home – you don’t need too much, just make sure you have enough room to flail around wildly. 

There are a huge number of free workout videos available on youtube. If you’re new to exercising at home, maybe try some yoga. A popular choice is ‘Yoga With Adrienne’. She has a wide variety of videos for people of all abilities and even some 30 day challenges for those of you who want to achieve something special.

If you’re looking for something to make you sweat, search for ‘full body workout videos’ some of these are very fast paced and you will feel the burn afterwards! Pamela Reif has a great range of workout videos – with no equipment necessary!  HIIT workouts like PE with Joe Wicks go live every morning – don’t be fooled by them being for kids – the workouts will get you up and moving in the morning!


Step away from the remote control before you actually become a programme on Netflix. The struggle is real – so here are some great alternatives to keep you entertained! 


There are so many amazing podcasts out there, for all different types of people. In fact, the sheer amount of podcasts available can be overwhelming – so here are a few recommendations to get you started.

  • Mortified 
    People read out journal entries from their youth in front of a live audience – a good laugh and can be quite touching.
  • Myths and Legends 
    Old tales retold as there were originally intended – no matter how weird. Very tongue in cheek, but also beautiful and culturally interesting.
  • Off Menu 
    For the foodies who like a delicious laugh.
  • Jay Shetty
    Fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world.

Culture new skills

Have you ever wistfully wondered what it would be like to speak another language? Well, now’s the perfect time. Language and music are great for your brain and very fulfilling to learn.

Learn a language

Bonjour! With free apps like Duolingo, you can improve your language skills dramatically. Duolingo isn’t just endless grammar and vocabulary, it’s a fun way to improve your language skills, with interesting podcasts, stories and more. You can climb up the virtual leaderboard, follow others and get rewards for your hard work!

Language hack: There are programmes available on Netflix in other languages, so why not give them a try instead of English programmes? Be entertained and get used to the sounds of a different world.

Online games with friends 

Online socialising can be tricky and a bit chaotic – games bring some structure and fun to it all! So here are a few games you can play with your friends that will leave you with a smile on your face, regardless of what app you’re using!

  • Articulate 
    The basic rules of the game are to pick a word and describe that word to your partner. You get a set amount of time – usually 30 seconds. Once the timer stops, you tot up how many points you’ve gotten and then the couple with the most points at the end wins! You’ll need someone to keep time and a random noun generator.
    If you have an odd number of people, or just want a change – one player at a time can just describe to the other players against the clock. The winner can be either the person who described things the best to the group, (i.e the person who got the most descriptions guessed successfully) or the person who guessed the most correct answers – it’s up to you!
  • Pictionary 
    This is basically the picture version of articulate as described above! Zoom comes with an in-built whiteboard that you can use to draw pictures against the clock. You can share your screen with your friends and have them guess what exactly it is you’re trying to draw…

Are you now working as well as socialising at home? Check out our working from home blog with some top tips on keeping connected.

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