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How many calls did you miss yesterday?

13th August 2014

Any idea how many calls your business missed, made and received yesterday?
Any idea how much business you lost?
Any idea how long customers have to wait before they’re actually answered?
Ever missed that vital piece of information during a call and then wished the call was recorded?
Does your current Call Logger simply provide historic information, yet you really want real-time statistics now
MyCalls could be your answer.

MyCalls is a range of call management solutions that are easily expanded and upgraded as a business grows.

MyCalls Basic –A single user entry-level application that helps provide a real-time snapshot of all calls. Free for the first 12 months.

MyCalls Call Manager – A more sophisticated version for businesses providing a full complement of call management information.

MyCalls Enterprise – Enables easy call management and reporting across multiple sites such as main offices and branch offices.

MyCalls Desktop NEW! – An excellent add-on to MyCalls Basic and MyCalls Call Manager, providing the caller with instant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information such as screen-pops, and much more.

MyCalls Call Centre – An essential application for any contact centre and specialist call centres. Provides supervisors with full control of extensions and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) groups from their desktop.

MyCalls Call Recorder – Equips MyCalls Call Manager and MyCalls Call Centre with full call recording capability. Calls are recorded securely, encrypted and easily accessed.

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