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Here’s to an ‘Appy’ Summer

5th August 2019

Summer’s here – we think! Even if the sun isn’t splitting the sky, it’s good to get out and about during the school holidays –  and with a bit of digital assistance, we’ve got some great ideas for summer activities that won’t cost a penny. 

Out and about with your Smartphone

With over 2 million apps at your fingertips, your smartphone is a great way to explore new ideas for things to do. We’ve trawled the app stores and the internet to find some free summer holiday fun.

Digital Treasure Hunts with Geocaching

Don’t be put off by the techy title – geocaching is fun, free, simple and suitable for the whole family. Geocaching takes a good walk and makes it family-friendly, by adding an element of high-tech adventure. Just download the app, sign up, and using your Smartphone GPS you’ll all be off on an adventure on the trail of digital ‘treasure’. As with most things, there’s geocaching etiquette, so make sure you read up on that before you start your digital treasure hunt. Be warned – geocaching is addictive!

Star Gazing

Whether you already have a love for astronomy or you are just getting started and can’t wait to spot your first blood moon, there are apps out there that can help. Star Walk 2 allows you to pick constellations right out of the sky, all you have to do is point your phone upwards!


From the fluffy Cumulus that form on a sunny day, to the rare Noctilucent clouds that shine from the fringes of space, the fleeting beauty and endless variety of clouds have always fascinated scientists and daydreamers alike. Now you can be a cloud clever clogs with the Cloudspotter App from the wonderful and quintessentially British Cloud Appreciation Society. Cloudspotter is only currently available for iOS but Android users don’t need to miss out – try the CloudSpotting app by David Hughes and you’ll know your nimbus from your lenticular in no time.

Nature’s Bounty

A walk in the park can inspire all the budding tree detectives. There are loads of apps to identify plants and flowers but identifying the UK’s native and non-native trees by their bark, twigs, buds, leaves, flowers or fruit is easy-peasy with the Woodland Trust’s TreeID app for both iOS and Android.

Hoop your way to Happy Holidays

If you’re still struggling for family activities – check out Hoop. Hoop is an app for iOS and Android that makes it easy to find and book local activities for children from new-born to 11 years old. It boasts a database of more than 10,000 activity organisers and lists both indoor and outdoor activities, so you’re not reliant on the fickle summer weather!

Check out your app store to download our recommended apps.

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