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Help! I’ve Lost my phone

29th January 2019

Would you know what to do if your phone gets lost or stolen?

When your phone vanishes, whatever the circumstance, it conjures up that awful feeling of dread, panic, anxiety.

What am I going to do? There goes my means of communication, my calendar appointments, my alarm clock, my memories!

At 8020 we are frequently faced with the occurrence of a client having misplaced their phone or where it’s been stolen. This raises a lot of the same questions across users; will I be able to keep my number? Can I get my messages and pictures back?

We’ve prepared some advice on how to react when you believe your phone is lost or stolen.

Try to find it!

When was the last time you remember having your phone? Retrace your steps back to that point and contact any shops, restaurants, café’s you visited between that time. If you used public transport, contact the taxi office, bus or train company to check if they have had any phones handed in

You can use aids such as remotely requesting your phone to ring out loud to help you locate it. Say you want to search your entire house, maybe it’s fell down the side of a piece of furniture, forcing your phone to ring out loud might just be what it takes to find it.

How to do this

  • To do this on android devices log in to
  • To do this on iOS Apple devices log into

There are some other great features on the above sites, like being able to write a message to display on your phone screen in case someone finds it, such as a contact number to arrange its return.

Unfortunately, these features are only as good as your phone’s battery. If your smartphone dies, it’s about as easy to find as your keys or anything else you might misplace.

Contact your Mobile Network Provider

You should also contact your mobile network provider to have a full bar placed on your device to ensure that if it does fall into the wrong hands then no one can rack up a bill making calls or using data, (we recommend always having a password on your phone which should prevent unauthorised access). If your phone bill is paid by someone else, your parents, employer, or is in the name of a partner then they will need to place the bar on your behalf.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your phone is insured then you should report your device as having been lost or stolen as soon as you know that it is unlikely to turn up. A lot of insurance policies state incidents should be reported within 24 hours. You may also be required to report your device lost or stolen to the Police and obtain a reference number. Your insurance company will keep you right with regards to this and it will be stated in your policy terms.

When All Else Fails, Organise For A New Phone

If all hope is gone of your phone turning up then you will be looking to arrange a new phone and sim. You can absolutely keep your existing number, it will simply be moved onto a new sim card. Your network provider/mobile supplier will take care of this for you.

Once your new phone and sim are received, as long as your lost/stolen phone was set to back up automatically then you will be able to restore your latest back up onto your new phone.

See our previous blog on backup & restores for exactly what to do!

Real Example

We had an instance recently where a client had lost their phone but believed they could have left it in a taxi. They thought they could potentially locate it again once they contacted the taxi firm but wanted to allow enough time for the driver to finish their shift and hand it in before settling with the fact they wouldn’t be seeing it again.

In the meantime, we placed a full bar on both the sim and phone so that if the phone fell into the wrong hands then it would be rendered useless.

In this instance, the phone didn’t turn up so we took steps to have the user back up and running as best as possible, as quick as possible.

This involved:

  1. Swapping the users number onto a new sim & inserting it in their new phone
  2. Setting up their email account on the new phone which pulled through their contacts
  3. Sending out their new phone on a next day service

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a cloud backup to restore. However, we ensured their new phone was set to backup automatically so their data would be safe in the future.

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