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How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

28th November 2019

You’d think it would be simple – keep your phone’s battery charged at all times – but it’s not as straightforward as you’d think.

Here are some tips on how to look after your battery to save finding yourself caught short with that dreaded low battery warning!

Keep your phone at around 50% charge

Without getting too technical, the sweet spot for a battery is 50% charge with regular top-ups with partial charges rather than zero to 100%. This puts the least amount of strain on the lithium ions that power your battery and extends the number of charge cycles it can take before degrading.

Don’t leave your phone on charge overnight

This isn’t because you’re overloading the battery with excess power, but because of a ‘trickle charge’ function, which stops the charge when it reaches 100%, and only starts it up again when it falls a bit below 100.  It’s a strain you don’t want to be putting on your phone’s battery.

Use the official charger

The price point may be tempting, but don’t use an unofficial charger. These may not have safety settings that prevent the charger from delivering more current to the battery when it’s full, again damaging the ions.

Adjust your phone’s settings

Activate your phone’s low power mode. This is found within the settings app on both iPhone and Android. This mode modifies your phone’s notification settings, screen brightness and CPU usage, optimising it to reduce energy consumption.

Check your apps

Apps can be a real battery strain! Under your phone’s settings, check which apps are draining your battery and turn on “background restriction”, “battery optimisation” or just uninstall those you don’t need. Turning off unnecessary notifications will also stop these apps waking your screen.

The top battery-draining apps are, not surprisingly, video streaming apps like Snapchat, Netflix and YouTube.

We’d also recommend downloading updates for your phone’s Apps and your operating system as these will often optimise battery life.

Turn off battery-exhaustive functions

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. These can waste battery trying to find and connect to Wi-Fi or data networks – turning these off when on, for example, a speeding train, is particularly important. However, when you’re in a fixed location, switch Wi-Fi back on, you don’t want to end up racking up data charges! Additionally, Wi-Fi has been shown to be 40% less wasteful of battery.

Adjust your brightness settings

If your phone has one, turn off its adaptive brightness setting – the screen’s brightness will change depending on the light around you, something you want to have control of during a battery pinch.

Also, reduce the amount of time you have to leave your phone on for it to go to sleep – the quicker it darkens the screen, the less battery it will be using.

Keep away from heat

Finally, don’t let your phone battery get hot, as high temperatures stress the battery and make it lose capacity.

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