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Is Facebook Draining My Battery?

2nd June 2016

It’s a real hassle; you are travelling to a meeting or out with friends and your phone turns off.  We rely on our phones for so much nowadays that being without them just doesn’t feel right.  However, we use them so regularly it feels like the battery is permanently low.

If you check battery usage in your device’s settings and identify the apps draining your battery, it’s likely Facebook is the main offender for quite a few of you.  On my HTC, Facebook swallowed a massive 18% of the battery over a 48 hour period.  Deleting the app would solve many of your battery problems and it is easy enough to revert to the Safari version of Facebook.  But, this will restrict your access to some of your favourite Facebook functions.  There must be other ways:

Facebook is terrible for running processes in the background.  In your settings, select Facebook > Settings and toggle Background app refresh to off and location services to never.

Facebook autoplay wastes both battery and data (as we told you last week), we’d definitely recommend you address this.  Launch the Facebook app, select Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos and set autoplay to never.

Flick away the Facebook app and prevent it running in the background.

Even your notifications can have an affect.  Every time you receive a notification and your phone lights up, your battery will take a hit.  This doesn’t necessarily mean switching all notifications off, but we do suggest toggling the ‘Show on Lock Screen’ option to off to prevent your phone lighting up.  You can edit your Facebook notifications in both the main settings tab and the Facebook app itself.

Give them a go and see if you notice a difference.

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