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European Parliament Scraps EU Roaming Charges

27th October 2015

The European Parliament has agreed to abolish roaming charges in Europe; the ban will take effect from June 15 2017.  In essence, from June 2017, you will be charged the same to make a call, send a text and use mobile data as you are at home.  Prior to this, a temporary roaming cap will be introduced from April 30 2016 through to the ban’s inception date, reducing roaming charges by 75%.

The move is intended, largely,  to prevent consumers from experiencing “bill shock” upon their return home after trips around Europe.  The move follows years of negotiations between EU member states and we think it’s brilliant news.  Remember, the ban is not active until June 15 2017 so be sure to check out our blog on data roaming if you are heading to Europe before then – How To Avoid Roaming Charges.

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