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Business vs Personal Mobiles

1. Tax – Legislation changes mean that the company can now provide each employee with one mobile phone or SIM card without it being a benefit in kind. But – the phone contract must be in the name of the company.

What about if the phone contract is in your own name, but it’s paid for from the company account? In this case, it counts as a benefit in kind. It should be reported on the P11D and there will be Class 1 NIC to pay via the payroll on this benefit.

How about if the phone contract is in your name, you pay for it yourself, but claim the money back from the company?  In this scenario, you are reimbursed for the expenses via the payroll. You have to deduct and pay PAYE and Class 1 NIC on the value of the monthly contract and any personal calls that are over and above the monthly tariff. If you have business calls above the monthly tariff these must be declared on the P11D, but there is no additional tax to pay.  It’s worth checking this out with your Accountant.

2. Business Tariffs – Benefit from cost-effective business tariffs and sharer plans by grouping your company phones together and taking advantage of options like shared data bundles, unlimited minute/text bundles and free calls between users.

3. One Bill – One bill for all your employees, no more painstaking expense claims. Easily review the bill to see how your employees are using their phones. An Account Manager will do monthly bill reviews and value checks for you and advise on areas where they could make savings such as adding data bolt-ons to avoid overage charges each month. Without the knowledge, guidance or experience many of us don’t know to make these changes our self.

4. Next Day Exchange – If you damage your phone, lose it or it just stops working, you need a replacement quickly. A replacement consumer handset could take up to 20 working days while it’s sent to the manufacturer for repair. With a partner and a dedicated account manager looking after your business, a like for like replacement could be with you the same working day.

5. Support – It can be frustrating spending hours on the phone to a call centre or online chat looking for answers. Dealing with a person face to face, or having a single point of contact, is much easier. 8020 recently had a customer lose his phone in Spain without a password on it. He managed to get in touch with them and that same day they accessed his iCloud, applied a passcode to the phone to protect it and arranged a replacement phone and sim to be with him in Spain within a couple of days.

If you’re a small business currently using personal phones or even just considering your options and looking for a bit of advice, contact 8020 on 01387 250008 or email


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