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Is Facebook Draining My Battery?

2 Jun 2016

It’s a real hassle; you are travelling to a meeting or out with friends and your phone turns off.  We rely on our phones for so much nowadays that being without them just doesn’t feel right.  However, we use them so…

Where Does My Mobile Data Go?

26 May 2016

Mobile data is expensive, and when you use too much data (over and above your allowance), you might get a shock when your bill comes in. If your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it’s not using mobile data and anything…

Apple Reveals iPhone SE

22 Mar 2016

Did you miss Apple’s keynote event yesterday? Don’t worry, we’ll bring you up to speed (and yes the rumours are true, there’s a new iPhone). It’s not the highly anticipated iPhone 7 however. At their latest event in San Francisco,…

Warning: Emojis could be costing you £££s

16 Mar 2016

A large number of us won’t send a single text without an emoji. But, did you know that adding your favourite emojis to standard SMS text messages could be costing you as much as 30p a text. Some phone models…

Samsung Galaxy S7 Official Launch Date!

2 Feb 2016

The next flagship device in the Samsung Galaxy S line (S7) will be revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Barcelona; February 21 is the date. And when will I be able to get my hands on the Galaxy S7? Well, that’s still…

Government Cracks Down on Nuisance Calls

12 Jan 2016

From the spring, direct marketing companies will have to display their phone numbers, thus preventing anonymous nuisance calls.  Companies will be forced to display their telephone numbers or face heavy fines in a new crackdown on nuisance calls.  The legislation will allow customers to see…

Ipad Pro Is Here!

19 Nov 2015

The wait is over; the iPad Pro is finally here. Despite being announced back in September at Apple’s keynote event in San Francisco alongside the iPhone 6s, the wait for the latest iPad has been a little longer. And much…

Important Fraud Warning: Email Scam

17 Nov 2015

This is an important fraud warning; we are aware of the fraudulent impersonation schemes currently being used by hackers and want to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. This latest scheme involves a member of the corporate finance team, often the Finance…

O2 Wifi: Stay Connected And Save Your Data

30 Oct 2015

O2 Wifi is a free, fast, reliable and easy to use wifi service spread across thousands of locations nationwide including; McDonalds, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Costa Coffee and Cafe Rouge.  Not only does this service save you eating into valuable…

European Parliament Scraps EU Roaming Charges

27 Oct 2015

The European Parliament has agreed to abolish roaming charges in Europe; the ban will take effect from June 15 2017.  In essence, from June 2017, you will be charged the same to make a call, send a text and use mobile…

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill #5 Value Check

16 Oct 2015

At 8020, we’re committed to saving you money on your phone bill when and wherever possible; there are savings to be made right now.  In the final instalment of our blog series exploring the ways you can save money on…

iOS 9: Wi-Fi Assist

5 Oct 2015

If you have recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS9 or purchased the new iPhone 6s, you may have realised the presence of a new feature, Wi-Fi Assist.  But what exactly does it do? On by default, Wi-Fi Assist allows your phone to automatically…

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill #4 Online Bill

29 Sep 2015

Are you registered on your online billing platform? Do you regularly check your monthly bill? Do you even know what you’re checking for? In the fourth instalment of our five part series exploring how you can save money on your phone…

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Phone Bill #3 Non-Geo

22 Sep 2015

Non-geographic numbers, typically starting with 08, are generally excluded from inclusive call plans and incur additional charges. Here at 8020 we’re always looking to promote ways to save your business money and calling costs to 08 numbers can be expensive, particularly when…

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill #2 Roaming

14 Sep 2015

When you use your mobile phone abroad you’re roaming.  However, a combination of texts, calls (inbound and outbound) and data usage can leave you with a rather large bill upon your return home.  We regularly advise our clients at 8020…

iPhone 6s set for September 25 Release

10 Sep 2015

At Wednesday’s keynote event in San Francisco, Apple executives unveiled new versions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus and confirmed their release for September 25 (2015).  The iPhone 6s & 6s Plus will be available in gold, rose gold…

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Phone Bill #1 118 Numbers

8 Sep 2015

If you’re ever in desperate need of a particular phone number you may be tempted to call a directory enquiries service.  However, are you aware of how much that call will cost you?  In the first instalment of our five part…

8020 Ranked Top O2 Partner

25 Aug 2015

The latest CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) results have just been published and 8020 have come out number 1 from O2’s 29 direct partners in the UK.

8020 wins top O2 awards

31 Jul 2015

Leading telecommunications and IT provider 8020 has won two prestigious O2 awards. The O2 Customer Excellence Award focuses on 8020’s overall capability to provide industry leading client support and service.

Andrea Celebrates 10 years at 8020

11 May 2015

March 7th 2015 saw Andrea Carnochan, one of our dedicated Client Service Managers, celebrate her 10th anniversary at 8020.

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