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Apple Announce New TV Streaming Service

25th March 2019

Apple have just announced their new streaming service, Apple TV+, as well as a host of other expansions across Apple News, Apple Pay & the App Store.

Apple News +

CEO Tim Cook kicked off today’s event with an introduction to Apple News+. An addition to their current free Apple News service, providing a personalised experience with access to over 300 magazines and Newspapers. The subscription service will cost $9.99 per month with family sharing available at no extra cost. However, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in then you will have to be patient as the service won’t be coming to the UK until the Autumn.

Apple Card

Next up was progression in the Apple Pay department with Apple Card. A credit card like you’ve never known. From this summer you will be able to have your very own virtual credit card through Apple. Making payments using your phone and benefiting from low interest rates, no fees and daily cash back. Track your spending with the in-app analysis and find out exactly where you spent your money with accurate transaction descriptions. No more half addresses printed on a bank statement and having to google the location to find out whether the transaction was genuine or not.

Teaming with Mastercard means that wherever you see the Mastercard sign, your Apple card will be accepted. Of course, the convenience comes through your card being virtual, with no longer the need to carry a wallet. However, while there are still vendors catching up, you will have a physical Titanium Apple Card for those instances where your phone can’t be accepted as a payment method.

Apple Arcade

Apple continued to announce even more evolutions with another new subscription service. This time to be found in their app store in the form of Apple Arcade. iOS is now the largest gaming platform in the world, so it makes sense for them to invest further in this area. The new Apple Arcade, coming this Autumn, will provide access to 100+ new and exclusive games, with further games being added all the time. Furthermore, all games will be playable offline and will be compatible across your iPhone, iPad, MAC and Apple TV. The subscription price is yet to be confirmed, but as with Apple News +, family sharing will be included at no extra cost.

Apple TV +

Lastly, the announcement we have all been waiting for. Apple’s TV streaming service, Apple TV +. With no holds barred, Apple has teamed up with numerous huge stars to develop the service and pulled in a handful to help them with the launch. Steven Spielberg & Oprah Winfrey to name a few. It was announced that the ad-free, on-demand Apple TV+ service will be available this Autumn in over 100 countries, and will be viewable both online and offline. Again, as with the Apple Arcade, no pricing was disclosed today.

With the variety and diversity across these newly evolved services, it may just be enough to ignite the spark back into what has become a bit of a stagnant market. With only small changes being made to hardware in recent years, the introduction of these renewed services may well be enough to excite Apple users once again and perhaps even turn the heads of some faithful android users.

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