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5 Tech Tips for your Phone

25th July 2018

Based on our knowledge and experience working with phones every day, we’ve been sharing some simple hints and tips that we hope you’ll find useful, along with our favourite features from our own phones. Here’s the 5 most popular from July:

Send Last Location

Find My iPhone is one of the most valuable iPhone apps, but it only works if your phone is on. If you lose your phone and suspect that the battery has died or that someone may have turned your iPhone off, you still have hope. Send Last Location stores the last known location of your iPhone for 24 hours after the battery runs out. To turn Send Last Location on, select Settings > Your Name > Find My iPhone > Toggle Send Last Location on.

Auto-Update Apps

Most of us have our phones set to automatically update apps. However, if you don’t have your phone set to update over Wi-Fi only, you could be wasting your data. To check, open Settings > iTunes & App Store for iPhone and Play Store > Settings for Android.

WhatsApp: Free up Phone Storage

WhatsApp can be guilty of clogging up your phone’s storage. In the App, hit Settings > Data and storage usage > Storage usage, which takes you to a list of chats. Tap into a chat to see a further breakdown of usage and then hit Manage Messages. This allows you to select and delete by message type.


If your phone screen isn’t auto-rotating when you switch from portrait to landscape, you may have accidentally turned it off. Easy to do but very easy to fix. Open Control Center or Settings, depending on the phone type, and look for the appropriate setting. For iPhone swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center and hit the orientation lock. For Android, swipe down and hit the Portrait/Auto-Rotate button.

Android Quick Settings Menu

It’s easy to miss or forget that Android has a Quick Settings menu, just like Apple’s Control Center. Swiping down from the top of your screen opens a customisable menu which allows you to control settings such as Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth.

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